Electronic Banking
{Think Global, Act Local}

A global solution from a local application
First Currency is a working intra-banking application that made its debut here in Cameroon. It is a web base software that integrates local banks to consumers, micro-financiers, merchants, public and private sectors. It facilitates fast and efficient electronic transfer of funds. First Currency is a pilot project of Cluster Holdings implemented among some of the local Cameroon micro financial institutions.  

First Currency will eliminate the over-dependency of human intervention in any intra-bank transaction in 3 ways:
1. MoneyEnable sets up a unified system of user virtual accounts upon a disparate network of partner banks and merchants.

2. First Currency handles transfer of funds in its own Web-based application seamlessly and creatively while it can also be done via external means such as by the end-users themselves over the web and even mobile phones.

3. First Currency has its own automated clearing house system to bypass the present large but slower clearing house system.

The first crucial success factor of this system is that it is readily adopted by the many small micro-finance banks that could not afford or has not adopted the large banks fund transfer system.

This effectively increase their pool of funds due to more massive participation of small and micro members that form a wide network. This in turn spurs a viral effect of attracting more and more users into the system. Cluster Holdings believes that how we behave as a business will determine our success in winning and retaining the confidence of the public as well as maintaining our reputation among our stakeholders.

We have therefore made a number of commitments to each of our different stakeholders - our parent company, our customers, our people, the communities where we work and our partners.

Our success at generating and sharing wealth with all our stakeholders depends on the maintenance of our reputation for honesty, integrity and respect for people.

Our core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. We aspire to be simple, transparent, mutually beneficial, empathetic, liberating and fresh and modern. These values are very important to us and are right at the heart of everything we do.

Eng. Etongkie Wilfred Asah, Founder & Project Lead, Cluster Holdings.